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Gideon Felix Thaler

Actor. Singer. Voice-over.


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Actor. Singer. Voice over talent. They/Them.


As a queer actor, I am constantly relearning what it means to be present as myself. As I rediscover who I am on a regular basis, I am fueled by the desire to dissect the human condition through story telling and I hope to be apart of a story telling tradition yet to be fully realized in the main stream.


Born and raised in New York in the West Village I cut my theatre teeth going to Broadway shows with my family as a child and fell in love with acting at an early age. I followed my older sister into my first acting class but was a bit of a master-of-none: floating from guitar lesson to ballet classes and never sticking around long enough to learn much. Acting was different. I always felt at home on the stage and I always wanted to return.

I studied acting at University of Southern California but started to become interested in the state of our planet around the same time. I spent about ten years away from acting, working in wildlife conservation rehabilitating and releasing orphaned primates back into the wild. As well as getting two biology degrees. However, all that time I was missing a big part of myself. So I returned to my first love.

Since then I've been studying at HB Studios, The Barrow Group,  Berg Studios and William Esper Studios where I have just completed the 2 year acting program with Barbara Marchant.  I have dipped my toes into the world of voiceover and singing lessons.  Acting has always been a tool for delving into what makes us  human. I love finding the beauty in the ugly and discordant. I love the controlled chaos of finding myself vulnerable and in the moment of a story thats not my own, yet inherently a part of me.





The Stellion Lumineer                                Lead                                           Satine Berntsen

Heptapus                                                      Supporting                              Cooper Troxell

The Fuse                                                       Supporting                              Kevin Haefelin

One Last Story                                              Lead                                        Brendan Litizia

Float                                                               Supporting                              Victoria Marton

Bolognese                                                     Supporting                             Maggie and Ruth Productions

Hope Never Dies                                          Featured                                 Soul Lens Productions

Swans                                                             Day Player                              Emmy Harris


Heresy: 1897                                                   Proctor Caduceus                Doors of Divergence

The Sanatorium                                             Matron (Lead)                        I Survived The Room

Zombie Experience: At Death’s Door         Corporal (Lead)                     I Survived The Room

The Long Goodbye                                       Mother                                    Minor Latham Playhouse 

Las Meninas                                                   Mother Superior                    Minor Latham Playhouse

The Physicists                                                Newton                                   Minor Latham Playhouse

St. Joan of The Stockyards                          Ensemble                               Minor Latham Playhouse

Three Penny Opera                                       Vixen                                       Bing Theatre


The Whispering Crystals Book One              Narrator                                    Author: H.C. Mills


William Esper Studios                                  2-year acting program         Barbara Marchant

On Camera Acting                                         8 week course                      Devin Shacket

Berg Studios                                                  Scene Study                            Gregory Berger-Sobeck, Cam Monet 

The Barrow Group                                        Summer Acting Program     Seth Barrish, Lee Brock, Steven Singer

HB Studios                                                     On Camera Acting                 Sam Groom

Columbia University                                     Acting The Song                    Wendy Waterman

University of Southern California,              BA Theatre (Incomplete)      Jack Rowe, Lora Zane, Andy Robinson

Special Skills                                                                                                                      

Accents: British RP, London, Irish, Southern (US), New York, Non Regional

Tattoos/piercings: All tattoos have written clearance

Singing: Alto

Cyclist with bike

Bartender: 3 years

Voiceover home studio

SCUBA open water diver

Drivers License: Automatic and Manual (Stick shift)

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Florance Kirilova, Talent Agent

1115 Broadway 12th floor

New York, NY 10010

646 205 3023 Main/ New York

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